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YYummi Recipes;:*

A community for everyone.

Welcome to yummi_recipes a place where a bunch of people on the internet can get together share recipes, post pictures of yummi foods, talk about tv shows on food network and other channels, ask for recipes or ideas and just be creative. We are an open community which means anyone can join and post immediately. We accept all races, ethic groups, people from around the world and both genders. If you like food, you like recipes or your just looking for something to do then this is probably the place for you.

No Promotion Needed to Join
Just click Join and your In

This community is maintained by a few MODs:
Michelle nine_oh_four
Tranq zombiepixie
Torn p0seur
Emily heartshpdbox
&& We are looking for a fifth (and final for now) MOD.
It'd be cool if it was a guy so we'd have a little mixture,
but if your interested it can be you.

We are here to just help you out if you have any questions &
make sure the community stays alive. We'll post as much as we can,
but we are looking for members to post also to help keep this community
moving without it being forgotten about.

Recipes are stored in the memories section for fast & an easy find!

If your interested please join!
Feel free to post whenever you want & anything food related
including icons and layouts, if your interested

Try to be active

Once again: You do NOT have to promote this community to join.
If you want to please go ahead or just tell your friends about it.