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Chicken, Spinach and Chick Pea curry

I made this one up myself, an incorporation of two recipes. I thought it was very tasty and am definitly making this one again!

It's a mix and amalgamation of a hummus and a curry recipe I found on-line :)

Serves 2

To start with I made a cut down version of this hummus mix, remember the usual caboodle with the chick peas soaking unless you buy tinned :)

So I did this:
* About 220 grams chick peas, (One can would probably do, otherwise a good few handfuls) soaked and cooked or canned, drained and rinsed
* 1 cloves garlic, minced, - I use the pastey stuff which you can buy in jars that you keep in your fridge - so about a teaspoon in here
* 2 tblsp. lemon juice
* Enough water to make it bind
* 1 tblsp tahini (sesame paste)
* 1 tsp cumin
* 1 tsp paprika

I made this mixture up as I was also making the hummus as listed in the website recipe. I split the mashed chick peas before doing either recipe.

For the curry then, I used chicken, you could probably use any other meats too?:
Original recipe here

2 chicken breasts
2 tsp garlic paste - or 2 cloves minced
1 large red onion
1 good squirt of tomato puree (though recipe asks for 1 large tomato crushed - I didn't have any in!)
1 inch piece ginger, minced - again I have the lazy "ginger in a jar", I used a tablespoon of this
1 bunche spinach, washed & chopped - I used frozen and used one frozen 'clump/piece' of chopped spinach
Good knob (hehe) of butter (if you want to add it!)
1 tsp cayenne pepper - I didn't have any so used 1 tsp paprika instead
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp turmeric
3 cardamom pods
1/2 tsp ground cloves (not entirely necessary I didn't think!)
1 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp salt
Water as necessary throughout cooking stage

Heat some oil in a pan and fry off the ginger, garlic, onions, tomato paste/fresh, salt, cayenne pepper or paprika, coriander powder, turmeric, ground cloves, garam masala, and cardamom pods. Sprinkle with water so they make a runny paste. Cook for about 10 minutes on low heat, but don't let anything burn so add more water if needed.

Add the chicken and fry until nearly cooked.

Add the hummus-ey mix and stir until all the ingredients are thouroghly mixed together. You may need to add some more water here, depending on how much you put in the hummus mix. Cook for about 15 mins adding more water as necessary. You're after a thick and creamy texture if you want it, otherwise add more water to your liking.

Add the butter if are using it, and if you're using frozen spinach add it now, the curry will be ready when it is all incorportated in and not frozen anymore. If you're using fresh wait until you're nearly ready to serve as it won't take long to wilt down and get incorporated in.

Serve with rice and/or nann bread other indian style breads.

I also thought you could incoporate both these recipes too to make an indian style hummus.

There were two good things to this curry - firstly as the rice was taking aaaages I just kept adding more water as the sauce got too thick while I was waiting, and the sauce would always thicken up again, but the chicken became quite tender doing this.
Secondly the texture was perfect for me - creamy, very thick and full of flavour. It was a great way to make a 'creamy' curry without quite so many calories as cream would have made!

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